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Josephine Jung, Director

Welcome to Neighbor Plus Homepage.


In 21 centuries, the world that we are living in is focusing more on maximizing the human’s quality of life and worth of life. However, there are many people who were isolated from the society and livings in the alienated life are the reality world that we are living in.

Although it is tough to seek around without having one’s presence of mind or there are many opportunities that can entertain us, Neighbor Plus exists because of Jesus Christ, who came from small light, personally showed us and told us to support our neighbors.

Neighbor Plus is dreaming to share the tough moments and increase the happiness with our neighbors.

Our topics are love, impress, and care.

Therefore, Neighbor Plus foundation is gathered with strong active volunteers, all the socially alienated people, and strong supporters and prayers. As a team, we will try our best to spread the good influence to our neighbors.


Thank you.

Welcome to Neighbor Plus Homepage


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